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About Us

What is SKN DP?

SKN DP stands for: 

Success Knows Nothing Disrupts Purpose.

The SKNDP Group seeks to inspire, educate and cultivate those who are interested in the betterment of African Americans. Our aim is to destroy negative ways of thinking when it comes to success and purpose beyond athletics and entertainment. We believe wholeheartedly in empowering those with the tools needed to establish a solid foundation to succeed in society. African Americans have been hindered by negative generational patterns that restrict growth and potential and our clearinghouse of experts will provide resources to guide purpose.



Mondays & Wednesdays

7:00 PM EST

Connecting Talent with Opportunity

This group is for those that seek to strive for greatness.  Our variety of topics, hand selected experts and workshops will be provided to increase your purpose in life.

Our financial series will focus on topics such as funding sources, business startup, financial planning etc.

Our empowerment series will incorporate motivational topics needed to encourage you in your pathway to success.

Lastly, our mental health awareness series will shed light on a hot topic that is typically downplayed, overlooked and underrepresented in black and brown communities. We plan to exhaust our efforts by uplifting, empowering, cultivating and educating the black community, which will strengthen your God given purpose in life.


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